Tuesday, 20 September 2011

" It takes two to tango "

~~ Don't Be Too Hasty In Tying The Knot ~~ 

Menarik kan tajuk kat atas tu ????.

Cerita nya begini....., pagi tadi, semasa tengah bersarapan  di McD, saya terbaca satu nukilan di ruangan sebuah akhbar. Hasil tulisan nya menarik perhatian saya. Jom saya kongsi nukilan itu bersama anda. 

" An ideal marriage isn't made in heaven. Sustaining it is an uphill task. It takes tremendous effort to make a marriage last.
  Mutual respect, trust & understanding are three vital ingredients to sustaining an everlasting relationship. Acceptance & tolerance come hand in hand too.
  Courtship is the most beautiful & memorable stage. Then comes marriage. Initially, a marriage is heavenly but it gradually fades when couples take each other for granted.
  The adage, "Familiarity breeds contempt" slowly creeps in and, if there is no give & take, the best union eventually crumples. And when reality hits, it gets sour, very sour. Which is why it is best to go slow on courtship & not jump the gun into matrimony.
  Once the papers are signed, going back on each other's word can be real painful & hurting - nothing will last if no effort is put into a relationship from the start.
  Remember, it takes two to tango. As such, both need to work together to make it last. Occasional quarrels & bickering make a  marriage stronger as couples would then identify each other's strengths & weaknesses. I have never heard of a perfect marriage without squabbles & fights. It is part of growing up for a newly wedded couple.
  Jealousy is the greatest problem as some couples guard each other fiercely, resulting in a stifled relationship. If couples were to have their own personal breathing space once in a while, a relationship will last longer. A marriage is about surviving through good times & bad.

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