Tuesday, 23 August 2011

~Harmful effects of anger~

* Just nak share apa yang telah saya baca ari ni.

" Anger is a self - created disturbance of our inner peace. "

When a person is angry, much of his or her energy is wasted. Diseases, especially psychosomatic ailments, heart diseases & nervous disorders, are related to an angry frame of mind. 

Angry even has the power to break the friendship of close friends. It turns friends into critics. 
Businessmen lose clients, if in a fit of anger, they speak harshly or in threatening tones.

Our reason & balance of mind are destroyed in such a way that some even commit grave such a murder. They repent later but it is too late. It is therefore essential for us to control and even eliminate anger because it is harmful physically, mentally & spiritually. Elimination of anger brings peace. If we control our anger, half of our spiritual endeavours are fulfilled because control of anger means control over the mind.

Do you feel resentment towards another ? Do you want to punish the person or teach him or her a lesson ? ask yourself if you are willing to resolve this conflict. Are you sure they started it and are determined that they should finish it ?. These are signs that you are unwilling to resolve the conflict peacefully. Unless you are willing to reach a resolution, the conflict will remain.

In conflict, there is always a solution - if you really want to find one. Be the one who takes the first step toward peace. 

By ; Bridget Menezes - author of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor.

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