Thursday, 6 October 2011

~ Everything that happens is destined ~

gambar sekadar penyeri entry
 ~ Just nak share apa yg saya baca hari ni.....

 The journey of life is full of changes . Life means change , movement or growth . When the storms of change & inconsistency are swirling all around us, we need an inner eye of stillness and stability .

"How do we face the dilemma of loneliness and sadness ?"

These days, we have to be prepared for anything. They come suddenly and if we are week, we fail.

Everything that happens to us is for us to learn from the situation, instead of wallowing in sadness or loneliness.

No matter how many pilgrimages we have made, or devotions we have practised, or week-end spiritual courses we have attended, if we don't have the basic knowledge of our original nature, which is peace and happiness, sadness and loneliness will set in.

This depression will also affect the moods of others and no one becomes a winner . Create thoughts and words that give only peace and happiness. The world is filled with worry and sorrow. Do something different.

So understand that whatever happens is destined. It has happened before, is happening now and will happen again. All these are the signs of the time, a wake-up call. After all, the path to virtue is one of change - a path of eternal transformation and personal empowerment. 

By; Bridget Menezes, the author of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor

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