Monday, 17 October 2011

How To Be A Happy Parent... ?. That's the challenge !

How to be a Happy Parent ?. That's the challenge !.
As a mother to a wonderful 5 years old son..I'm looking forward & hoping that I can be a good mother & live the precious parenthood moment to the fullest. And for sure, every parents out there want it to be.
For my lovely little prince ~ I may not always be the best mom, but I am a mom who always does my best. 

How to be a happy parent ?. One way to be happier is through acceptances. We need to go more, try not to control everything. Let go of negative judgements about yourself & your child, and just stay present to what is. ~ dengan cara ni, kita akan merasa lebih dekat dengan anak-anak.

Parenthood is one of the hardest jobs in the world, saya rasa mungkin ramai yang bersetuju  & there's no one harder on you than yourself. As a parent, we think our job is to create an ideal outcome - a happier child, a smarter child, a more successful child. We expect it to the way we want it to be and the way we want it be is the way we call right. 

When our child comes home from school or a friends home with an "attitude", ( berkata kesat, mencarut @ berkelakuan diluar kebiasaannya di rumah ) see that they are showing you how the feel & how they have been affected by the interactions of the day. Parents often feel powerless, irritated & frustrated & want to show their child how unpleasant they are being. But it instead you choose to warmly connect - inviting either sharing or give time for them to unwind. You will help your child start to relax. They will see in your face a positive reflection that will help them heal & offload those tight feelings.

" Your kids require you most off all to love them for who they are, not to spend your whole time trying to correct them. " Bill Ayers

It is true sometimes, at the some point, our child across the limit with their bad behaviour. But we must remember that is  the way of growth process. Bittersweet of parenting moment. But at the end...when your child comes up and gives you a kiss and Say's "I love You Mom" , how can your day stay bad ?.

Our children always show us the present moment unfolding. Our full attention is the only thing of value we can give them in return. Good thing too, because it is the only thing that makes a lasting difference.


  1. bla dh jd indai tok br la SEDAR g sekul suba,nda MENDING..:)plg kuingat jaku aba ku 'ila d ensepi ngiga keja t ndai pmandai' diatok bla dh bc anak,mcm2 utai dplan,ka anak jd camtok camnya la..ngai ke nyadi bk drempu(cth.drempu tok..hehe)..g mit anak dh plan ka ngasoh sekul dini,semua ka PERFECT..hmm..kenya meh ms kitai suba myh g msk tlinga kanan klr tlinga kiri(aku la..:P)..ARAP KE ANAK MENYANA DUDI ARI.blh tuah blimpah,blh reta pengeraja,gerai nguan menua.:)

  2. ya la...amai munyi ko d nya geng, kitai enda akan nemu keni asai apai indai kitai selagi kitai empu enda duduk ba situasi nya..hrmmm (nesal enda sekula ngau lebih pandai suba neh? ku empu la kebetulnya).....pasal anak ? ya...seboleh nya kitai memang impikan yg TERBAIK !! ya..arap ke anak menyana dudi ari, bulih pemandai,bulih tuah, bulih limpah,bulih reta pengeraja,gayu guru, gerai nyamai nguan menua.. :))

  3. hehehe...arap ke anak mending ke jako nda nunda indai ya maya g biak suba..hahaha..

  4. auk...enti nunda mama ia kuat bersukan ok..nuda ke manah-manah ja la..hehe